Jake Steele

Current Shows

Gielgud Theatre, RADA

13/3/19 - 23/3/19

The Philosophy Shop is a new installation production guiding an audience through twenty minutes of philosophical playlets with the assistance of 360-degree sound and video technology. The play gives you the opportunity to step between the pages into a realm of intellect, pure thought and chairs. This one hander promises to be far more than RADAs Gielgud Theatre has seen before with theatre and art colliding to create a new immersive experience for all ages.


26/6/19 - 06/7/19

I am currently preparing to direct a play as part of the RADA Festival, The Ockerbys On Ice by Coronation Street writer Debbie Oates. Debbie’s play is a heart-warming comic story of the dramatic change in relationship between Viv and Dennis Ockerby, as Dennis is given the chance to be cryogenically frozen to preserve his life. The play is interlaced with a commentary on the cult of celebrity and the role of social media, as not only Denis but also the doctor involved in the process seek their own forms of immortality. Using modern technology and live relay cameras, I intend to deliver a production that will captivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds. We are still looking for some financial backing for this exciting new project. We have a financial document with more information and details of what our supporters can expect for the production. If you would like to read this please get in contact with me. __________________________________________________________________________